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I’m a What?

October 6, 2017

I have to admit, something I was very excited about when setting up my business was choosing my own official ‘title’. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to do that? I could be as creative as I liked with it, come up with something that would make me stand out in the (online) crowd and make me sound so very important.


As fancy as I wanted to be (‘Her Royal Highness, Coaching Queen of the World’ has quite a nice ring to it…), I knew I needed something that effectively represented what I truly wanted to be for my clients.

After a lot of deliberation I decided on Professional & Personal Development Coach. I’m a Coach that works with my clients to develop them both professionally and personally.

But why choose this title? Why did I not decide to focus on just one area – either career/business coaching or on personal coaching (more traditionally known as Life Coaching)?

A ‘Job’ is just that to some – just a job. They can completely separate their work from their personal life. I understand that – if it works for you, it works for you – and if I were to be perfectly honest, in the past when staring at the ceiling at 3am, unable to sleep due work stress, I have been jealous of those who can completely detach as soon as they are out of the office door! But for others, their work can be a lot more personal. On this website,, if you click into the About section, you will read a little about my own experience of how my working life impacted my personal life – and not in a good way. The professional bleeds into the personal and the personal bleeds into the professional.

If you’re not happy at work, not feeling engaged or excited by your career, feeling stuck on the hamster wheel, and working yourself into a state of exhaustion, you’re going to take that home with you. And that can be damaging. Damaging to your physical and mental well-being. Damaging to your social life. Damaging to your relationships, romantic or otherwise. The professional quickly becomes the personal.

And what about that little voice telling you that you’re not good enough to get that promotion? That you’re too ‘old’ to change careers? That you can’t afford to do that course? How many times have you wished you can clone yourself, because as much as you try to make time for your own development, the demands of everyday life just take over? These personal beliefs and fears, the pressures of the day to day living become obstacles to the attainment of a fulfilling, successful career.

So, what if you could work with someone who could help you achieve that amazing career that allows you to spend quality time with your partner, your children, and your friends? That gets people noticing the sparkle in your eye and how passionately you talk about your work? And what would you be able to achieve if that little voice was cheering you on, telling you that you ARE good enough, that you CAN find the time and resources to invest in yourself?


I strongly believe that if you make positive changes in one area, the impact will be positive in the other – and that is exactly why I made the decision to be a Professional & Personal Development Coach, with the mission to help as many people as possible have a successful career that they love, are fulfilled by, and is in alignment with a happy and balanced life.


If you would like some more detail on how I achieve this with my clients, you can complete my quick and easy enquiry form on this site, or drop me an e-mail at to arrange a no obligation chat.