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I am a qualified Career Coach, and have almost a decade of experience in HR and in-house recruitment. I have worked across a variety of industries from television to finance, to luxury fashion to elite sport and in some of the world’s top organisations – so I have an in depth understanding of what top employers are looking for and how they find their employees.

I am passionate about equality of opportunity and social mobility so I work to keep my prices fair and invest profit back into my business so I can keep my work as accessible as possible.

The career advice I was given as I was growing up was to find a career that I truly loved and, as I would be working for a long time, that would continue to make me happy throughout the years. Easy advice to give. Definitely not easy in practice.

Before I discovered my love for Coaching and recruitment, for years I struggled to find a career that engaged me and that I was excited about. I jumped from job to job, not feeling positively challenged, and when I was promoted I felt stressed, with no connection to what I was doing for 9 hours a day. Naturally this began to impact my personal life. I never wanted to talk about my job or projects I was working on, and when I did it was to complain. I was a very negative person which wasn’t great for those close to me.

I see this in a lot of people. Whether they are at the beginning of their careers, ten years in or even a few years from retirement, a career that leaves them feeling deflated, stressed and lacking in purpose affects the other areas of their life. It can affect their health, the quality of time they spend with their families, how they interact with their partners and friends, how they are viewed by colleagues, senior management and their clients… the list goes on. It’s not ‘just a job’. It’s a large portion of your life that can impact all aspects of your world.

This is why in 2017 I qualified as a Career Coach and launched Sarah Ellis Coaching, so I could help as many people as possible have a career they love.

At the heart of my work is the mission to help my clients find and build a career they love, that fulfils professional and personal values and meets or exceeds their definition of success

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